Now We have new machine RMGT 920 LED UV size A1+

Over 350 clients

Our company has already been operating on the market for 20 years; we started in 1992 as a partnership under the name Grafus. In 1996 the partnership was transformed into the printhouse Megraf.

Currently we are using the following machines: RMGT 920 LED UV, Roland 204E, Roland 202E, B2 GUK folding machine, B1 STAHL folding machine, CTP SCREEN  AVALON N8  with full-featured imposition software APOGEE, proofing system EPSON STYLUS PRO 7600 with full-featured software, Perfecta guillotine, 115, 92, die-cutting machine, saddle stitching line HOHNER HSB 7000, PIT STOP creasing machine, folding and creasing machine FOLDMASTER, foil fuser LAM 52 and other bookbinding machines.
Machines for digital printing XEROX colour 560 and 4595.
In 2016 we are planning to purchase a new 4 colour offset machine with dispersion vanish.
A high-tech ctp plate prepress and our own proofing system ensure the work of the highest quality.
Conducted investments and our experience have influenced the growth and quality of production, which makes us one of the leading printing companies in Mazovia Province.


Our offer

Our offer is aimed both at advert agencies and individual clients who expect professional service and high-quality work.

Over the years, we have worked for the largest advert agencies and for major concerns, in a direct as well as indirect way.

We are known for doing the custom work that other companies in the industry wouldn’t take on.

Due to the cooperation and commitment of all our employees, our customers are fully satisfied with the service and products.

All production processes are made on the spot so that any work can be done in a short time and thoroughly supervised. We use modern machines which guarantee high performance, maintaining perfect quality at the same time.

We implement a three-shift system, so the work can be done with overnight .

With over 20 years experiece our clients can always count on our professional advice in any field of printing.

We have our own transport; our unmarked car delivers products in Warsaw and the surrounding area at no additional cost.

If necessary, we can also deliver products to any place in Poland at extra cost.

The cost of delivering a palette to any city in the country is 120zł (net price); direct delivery is calculated per one km, according to individual arrangements.

We invite you to cooperation.


We have 20 years’ experience in the printing and preparation of dtp. We can create any graphic design, flyers, brochures; we can typeset books, catalogues.

Graphic studio staff is available to our customers.

We prepare the impositions of materials at no additional cost.

If you wish, we can purchase photos which will be used for the project.

But we primarily deal with printing so that the price for graphic design services is very attractive. We can make models and proof prints (the price for the proofs is on the website /in the ‘proof’ bookmark. If necessary, we can make grids and blanking die designs.

Feel free to use our services.


Digital proof – replaces the previously used analogue proof prints Cromalin or MatchPrint. Digital proof is a calibrated printout of similar colour as a print on an offset machine, printed on special paper designed for proofing; a white, chalk-like paper used in offset printing. Proof is used to check colours before printing, to present the print to the client; it is also used as a pattern for printing.

Certified digital proof. Certification means that the proof is attached to the control strip Fogra Mediawedge v.2.2, where the output is measured with a spectrophotometer, according to ISO standard 12647-7 Contract Proof Media Wedge. On the basis of the measurement, a certificate with the results and confirmation of compliance with the reference profile is printed.

A4+ size 25 zł
B4 size 30 zł
A3+ size 50 zł
B3 size 60 zł
A2+ size 100 zł
B2 size 120 zł

There is a possibility of making an uncertified proof with a maximum width of 60cm on the machine Epson Stylus 7600. The price of such proof is calculated on the basis of given cm.

We make proofs for our clients only. All the prices are net prices.

The price of digital printing:
the maximum size 330x488mm,
the price for SRA size 3 (320x450mm),
standard chalk paper 115g/m - 200g/m

quantity: print ink 4+0 print ink 4+4 print ink 1+0 print ink 1+1
1-50sht 2/sht 3/sht 0,4/sht 0,8/sht
51-100sht 1,6/sht 2,5sht 0,3/sht 0,6/sht
100-300sht 1,2/sht 2/sht 0,2/sht 0,4/sht
301-500sht 1/sht 1,6/sht 0,18/sht 0,36/sht
more 0,8/sht 1,3/sht 0,15/sht 0,3/sht

Extra charge for higher grammage SRA3 size:

200-250g/m - 0,15/sht
300-350g/m - 0,2/sht
self-adhesive paper - 1zł/sht

The cost of cutting to size – for free
The cost of cutting to customer’s needs– for free
The cost of graphic design work- 60zł/hr
The cost of punching self-adhesive paper – 1zł/sht

Business card printing
matt chalk paper 300g/m or 350g/m,

quantity: colour 4+0 colour 4+4
100pcs 30zł. 40zł.
200pcs 50zł. 70zł.
300pcs 70zł. 90zł.
400pcs 90zł. 110zł.
500pcs 110zł. 130zł.
1 000pcs 150zł. 200zł.

The cost of single-sided laminating:
Matt/shiny foil 60 zł
Soft touch foil: 150 zł

The cost of sending a parcel 15zł/parcel up to 30kg.

The cost of document binding: 3,5zł/pce
The cost of spiral ring wire binding: 2zł/pce
The cost of notebook binding: 1zł/pce

In a case of larger expenditures, the cost is estimated individually.

Files to print

Source material in a digital form. Accepted file formats:
• file format: PDF Composite;
• jpg compression (maximum quality);
• colour space: CMYK; if there are colours in the Pantone palette, they should be defined in the file; defining colours from a different space than CMYK (eg RGB or other) – not acceptable;
• bitmap resolution: 250-350 dpi;
• fonts: attached; set, not subset, if possible;
• printing registration: crop marks and a 3 mm bleed attached; no colour wedge;


MEGRAF Zakład wydawniczo-poligraficzny Krzysztof Burzec

Orzeszkowej 1, 05-840 Brwinów
NIP: 534-101-99-25

Phone number: 0048(22) 729-63-20, 729-30-51
office: extenson 100, 101, 102, ctp: extenson 116
fax: 0048(22) 729-69-47